Ravelin: A ravelin (also tenaille or demi-lune) is a triangular fortification placed outside a fortress, usually in front of an entrance. The ravelin provides protection whilst not being part of the main fortification structure
"Crime prevention by design (and indeed by other situational strategies) not only involves the designer in a radical shift in perspective (from envisaging use to envisaging misuse) but also in gearing up to keep pace with changing circumstances and adaptive offenders.  "
 Professor Paul Ekblom, University of the Arts London - Central Saint Martins  www.csm.arts.ac.uk

The design of any site, object or service must accommodate the principle that certain individuals will seek to misuse it. One should note the use of the word 'will' instead of 'may'. Misuse is inevitable unless there is control or supervision.

It is essential to:
  • Envisage not only use, but misuse
  • Keep pace with changing circumstances
  • Keep pace with adaptive offenders
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