Ravelin: A ravelin (also tenaille or demi-lune) is a triangular fortification placed outside a fortress, usually in front of an entrance. The ravelin provides protection whilst not being part of the main fortification structure
Security is a matter of values - do you value your assets enough to properly protect them?

Money spent on effective security will eventually become 'empty money'  - if it is spent wisely, a company will experience no adverse security penetrations or crime impacts.

And... at some point an accountant will say - "why are we spending money on security? - nothing ever happens - we are therefore wasting all this money."

Ravelin will help you identify where money is being spent wisely, or where money is being wasted in the security budget; where value can be maximised, or indeed where spending should be ring-fenced or increased or indeed reduced.

Ravelin is an independent consultancy - we do not sell any equipment - only peace of mind
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