Ravelin: A ravelin (also tenaille or demi-lune) is a triangular fortification placed outside a fortress, usually in front of an entrance. The ravelin provides protection whilst not being part of the main fortification structure
As well as specific Industry Sectors, Ravelin can provide Consultants who possess the skillsets necessary to provide clients with the correct level of advice for every circumstance.

The scope of services may require a single consultant, or may require the services of multiple disciplines. In all cases, Ravelin can provide un-biased advice as to the most competent and competetive resources in the market. Ravelin is not an agent for any company or manufacturer, referrals are made without commission and on the basis of the competency of the recommended companies.
Specific Sectors include:

  • Event Security
  • Security Masterplanning
  • Blast Assessment
  • Security Engineering Design
  • Crime Prevention through Enviromental Design (CPTED)
  • Crowd Dynamics
  • Safe Havens / Refuges
  • Health and Safety - RADSEC
  • Security Risk Assessment

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